Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with the versatile Soto Navigator Pot Set, a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. This multi-functional cookware set is designed to meet your culinary needs, whether you're embarking on a solo day trip or cooking for a medium-sized group. Crafted from lightweight aluminum, it's not only highly durable but also offers deep anodizing treatment for exceptional strength, making it shock and corrosion-resistant.

One standout feature of the Navigator Pot Set is the Navi Cozy, which keeps your hot food hot an impressive 6 times longer than without it, ensuring you enjoy your meals at the perfect temperature. The slip-on belt secures your grip during use, and the Navi Duo Handle serves as both a handle and tongs, making cooking and serving a breeze. You'll also appreciate the Navi Multi-functional lid, which can be used as a cutting board, a fuel canister stabilizer, or a convenient colander, adding extra functionality to your outdoor kitchen.

  • Solo or Group: The Navigator Pot Set can be used as solo cookware for a day trip or medium-sized groups, adapting to your needs with ease.
  • Lightweight and Durable: Crafted from lightweight aluminum with deep anodizing treatment for strength, ensuring it's ready for rugged outdoor use.
  • Hot Food Preservation: The Navi Cozy keeps your food hot six times longer, so you can savor your meals at the perfect temperature.
  • Multi-Functional Accessories: The Navi Duo Handle, Navi Multi-functional lid, and the SOTO Original non-slip base on the pot offer convenience and versatility in your outdoor cooking.
  • Easy Clean-up: Effortless post-meal clean-up ensures more time for enjoying your adventures.


  • Weight: A mere 17 ounces, making it exceptionally lightweight for portability.
  • Dimensions: Compact at 7.5 × 7.5 × 3.6 inches, ideal for outdoor journeys without adding bulk to your gear.

The Soto Navigator Pot Set is the ultimate solution for outdoor cooking, delivering convenience, durability, and versatility all in one compact package. Elevate your outdoor culinary experience and make every meal a memorable one with this exceptional pot set.


Model # STSOD-501
Barcode # 4953571295008
Brand SOTO

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