When you're out backpacking, the Jetboil MiniMo is your ideal companion for cooking. This cooking system blends Jetboil's proven efficiency and versatility with a convenient, compact design. Powered by FluxRing technology, the MiniMo swiftly brings your meal to a rolling boil in just over two minutes, all while using only half the fuel compared to traditional systems.

Jetboil's exclusive regulator technology provides you with precise control over the heat, ranging from a gentle simmer to a full boil, making it perfect for sautéing greens, simmering sauces, and more. The MiniMo features metal handles and a FluxRing cooking cup that's optimized for a low spoon angle, making it the ideal vessel for personal cooking and dining. Starting your cooking adventure is a breeze with the convenient push-button igniter, ensuring consistent performance even in chilly temperatures as low as 20 degrees F (-6 degrees C).

You'll find the MiniMo easy to pack and carry, weighing in at just 14.6 ounces. It's designed with a clever sideways burner storage that minimizes pack space. The package includes a fuel canister stabilizer and pot support, making it a complete and practical solution for your outdoor culinary needs.


  • Reaches a rolling boil in just over two minutes with half the fuel consumption of traditional systems.
  • Jetboil's proprietary regulator technology offers incremental heat adjustments from light simmer to full boil.
  • Metal handles and FluxRing cooking cup optimized for a low spoon angle are perfect for personal cooking and eating.
  • Convenient and reliable pushbutton igniter allows for consistent performance down to 20 degrees F (-6 degrees C).
  • Easy to pack and carry at only 14.6 ounces.
  • Clever sideways burner storage minimizes pack space.


  • Color: Carbon
  • Weight: 14.608 oz | 415 g (System weight excludes fuel stabilizer)
  • Power: 6000 BTU/h / 1.75 kW
  • Volume: 1 Liter Short
  • Cooking Type: Precision Cook
  • Fuel Regulator: Yes
  • Group Size: 1-2 People
  • Boil Time: 2m 15sec per 0.5 liter (average over the life of Jetpower can)
  • Water Boiled: 12 liters per 100 g Jetpower can
  • Ignition Type: Push Button
  • Product Type: System


Model # JMNMCB
Barcode # 858941006366
Brand Jetboil

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