Cel-Fi Roam R41 is an easy-to-use solution that enhances cellular coverage and helps you stay connected while on the road. Whether you are on a long road trip and need to make calls, streaming music during your weekend adventure, or managing a fleet that requires reliable cellular connectivity, Roam R41 ensures stable voice and data connection while in transit.

The Cel-Fi Roam R41 is an innovative mobile cellular coverage solution that provides dependable 3G, 4G, and 5G connectivity inside all types of vehicles. With the latest Nextivity proprietary IntelliBoost chip, the ROAM R41 offers enterprise-grade performance, ensuring reliable calling, texting, and streaming on the move. The system's plug-and-play feature allows for quick and easy setup, improving connectivity in any car, ute, or motorhome within minutes.

Improved Coverage in Minutes

Designed for enterprise-grade performance and easy installation. It can improve cellular connectivity in a matter of minutes. The system's low-profile design allows for discreet installation under any seat, while its rugged frame ensures trusted durability. This means that it can keep people and crews connected, improving productivity and safety.

Carrier of your Choice

The Roam R41 is designed to work with Telstra and Optus networks, ensuring that the signal of your carrier is boosted, providing you with peace of mind. In case your friends or family use a different mobile network operator, you can easily switch to boost their carrier's signal by using the Nextivity WAVE App for iOS and Android. However, you can only boost one carrier at a time, depending on your location and the coverage challenges you may face.

Unmatched Performance

Equipped with Nextivity's latest 4th generation proprietary IntelliBoost chip, which has the same technology as the enterprise cellular coverage solutions. This provides you with the best possible signal gain, ensuring that you can always make calls, send texts, listen to music, or stay on the right route while driving.

*Does not include Band 78 (3500MHz) but will support 5G DSS operation when deployed by operators.



  • Improve 3G, 4G, and 5G DSS in your vehicle
  • Call, text, and stream from anywhere
  • Quick and easy set up for enhancing connectivity in minutes with plug-and-play operation
  • Deploy the unit anywhere in the network, with full frequency coverage
  • Latest 4th generation Nextivity proprietary IntelliBoost chip
  • Approved by the carriers to boost their signals
  • Nextivity WAVE App for iOS and Android devices required

Included in the Box

  • 1x Cel-Fi Roam R41
  • 1x DC Cigarette lighter power lead
  • 1x T5-4M-SMA internal antenna
  • 1x CD8194-B Antenna
Brand Nextivity

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